Defer Taxes with Monetized Installment Sales

Many potential sellers are concerned about the taxes that would be payable upon the sale of an appreciated asset, including an operating business, investment properties or a home with a low tax basis. This post talks about the monetized installment sale strategy and how it can help defer taxes.

IRS disagreement

How to Handle Disagreements with the IRS

If you get stuck in a tax audit, you have several options once the IRS makes its decision regarding your return. One option is to appeal the decision. Almost all decisions made by IRS agents have appeal rights.

IRS appeals officers are independent of IRS examinations and collections divisions. They are charged with being fair and impartial while resolving taxpayer disputes with the IRS. They look at cases differently than an IRS auditor or collection agent would. Here’s what you need to know if you decide to appeal an IRS audit decision.