International Business

Get the financial, accounting & tax advice you need to compete globally

Today, companies of all sizes are finding their best customers, investors, suppliers, partners, and even employees may be across national borders. If your company is doing business internationally, you’re well aware of the complexities involved – and so are we.

Our international business professionals can help simplify complex financial, tax and accounting matters for you. We stay current on what’s happening in the global marketplace and can work with you to ensure your company is in alignment with the most current international operating and reporting standards. We are also an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, which enables us to expand our international coverage and utilize professionals with experience in a range of industries and geographies.

Conducting business in multiple countries affects not only your business but your personal tax and financial situation as well. That’s why we offer these comprehensive services to our international business clients:

  • Multinational Business Structuring – so that your business is built on an effective financial foundation.
  • Corporate and Tax Planning and Compliance – to make certain you take advantage of all tax savings opportunities available to you.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Monitoring – to ensure that when global accounting standards go into effect your company’s transition plan is in place and ready to be implemented.

In addition, we offer:

  • IC-DISC (Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation) planning
  • Tax planning for controlled foreign companies
  • Managing intellectual property and intangible assets
  • Inbound and outbound structuring

Ready to find out more about how KRS CPAs can help you position your international business operations for success? Contact Maria Rollins at or 201.655.7411.

“The KRS international business professionals can help simplify complex financial, tax and accounting matters for companies with a global presence.”

Services for International Businesses:

  • Accounting services for US operations
  • IC-DISC planning
  • IFRS monitoring
  • Inbound and outbound structuring
  • IP and asset management
  • Multinational business structuring
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • US tax compliance for foreign-owned US entities