Our Core Values

Our clients benefit from the culture here at KRS which is built upon an unwavering commitment to these core values. These values provide a consistent service experience for our clients and clear guidance for each of us in carrying ourselves as professionals.


We love what we do, we love to learn and we have fun doing it! Our enthusiasm is obvious.


Big or small, every voice matters.


We are human and we communicate in a way humans can understand.


We support our community and our profession. We give back so that others can have opportunity.


We take full advantage of the extracurricular opportunities life has to offer. Play golf, travel, basket weave. We work hard and we enjoy life.


We collaborate and support each other. One team, one dream, for the good of the firm.


We are caring & trustworthy; above all ethical and honest.


We don’t have preconceived ideas. We seek out and present opportunities & solutions.


We will know as much about our client’s business as an outsider possibly can. A true trusted advisor.