State and Local Tax Accounting Services

Let our experienced SALT advisors help improve compliance – and your bottom line

If your company sells products or services across state lines, you face a maze of state and local tax regulations you can’t afford to ignore. You risk over- or under-paying taxes without the right tax strategies in place.

Working alongside our SALT professionals will give you confidence that your state and local tax matters are in expert hands and sound tax strategies are in place. We are well-versed in tax and compliance requirements for e-commerce and other businesses selling in multiple states. We can help ensure your business transactions are managed in a timely, tax-efficient and compliant manner.

Outsource your full sales tax compliance to KRS

Our team can:

  • Provide multistate Nexus reviews
  • Provide timely registrations in all required states/jurisdictions
  • Prepare all your state and local returns
  • Provide continuance compliance review to avoid penalties and additional liabilities
  • Assist in claiming SALT credits and incentives to put cash back into your business
  • Monitor tax laws in multiple states to keep your company current on all regulatory requirements
  • Help set up Avalara for tax compliance filings and integrate it with your e-commerce platforms (i.e., Shopify) and accounting software (i.e., QuickBooks, Sage)
  • Review and reconcile transactions to ensure accurate filings
  • Represent your company in tax audits
  • Research your SALT questions and provide you with accurate answers

In addition, KRS will handle other sales tax-related tasks for clients, including:

  • Monitoring sale tax holidays to ensure businesses are in compliance. We notify those clients who meet the tax holiday requirements.
  • Reviewing and handling sales tax notices
  • Taking care of back filing upon Nexus review or because of state tax notices
  • Renewing state licenses

Cross-border sales

Interested in selling your goods or services in Puerto Rico, Canada, or Mexico? We are affiliated with reputable CPA firms in these jurisdictions who work with us to ensure you get the same high levels of tax advisory and support.

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SALT Accounting Services

  • Avalara registration, set-up & data maintenance
  • Nexus reviews
  • Sales tax exemption certificate management
  • SALT credits & incentives advisory
  • SALT compliance filings
  • State and local returns preparation
  • Monitor Shopify sales tax applications
  • Transaction reconciliations
  • Tax law monitoring & research