Palmer Asphalt Company: Strategic Insights for Family-Owned Businesses

Palmer Asphalt Company of Bayonne, NJ, knows the business of making roof restoration coatings.

They pride themselves on manufacturing the finest quality products since 1932. Products that will PROTECT, PROLONG and PRESERVE the life of various roof membranes.

These are some of the same qualities that KRS CPAs provide to Palmer Asphalt.

KRS is proactive with us as a client, engaging us in conversations regarding our overall business, providing insights and encouragement, and even pushing us when necessary,” said Van Ripps, president of this third generation family-owned business.

KRS partner Jerry Shanker is the driving force behind the financial management and strategic direction that is so valued by Van Ripps and Palmer Asphalt.

“Jerry has had a lot of experience working with clients of different sizes, which were multi-generationally owned and run. He’s fluent in the generational differences and how to navigate the issues that can naturally arise,” explained Ripps.

Before choosing KRS several years ago, Palmer Asphalt interviewed a large accounting firm. Ripps immediately knew that his company would not be served well by a firm whose interest in their presentation was only about how big they were, as told by a principal, and not how they can help the client. “Jerry Shanker and his team deliver in knowing the client and working with the client to create a better company.”

“The KRS team reaches out to me for quarterly review meetings, to see where we want to go with the business. They want to assist us in whatever way they can. They provide so much more than just financial statements. Each and every member of the KRS team is professional, polite, easy to talk with and likes what they do in assisting their clients.”

“Jerry never tells you what to do, but if you ask him, he will give you guidance. He has the courage of his convictions and gives his opinion,” said Ripps. “That’s what I pay KRS for – I want to know what Jerry thinks.”

Palmer Asphalt