HEPCO: It’s about Trust

HEPCO, Inc. is a 44 year old engineering and IT staffing company, with a focus on the US Defense Industry. This Industry is a very demanding one when it comes to financial reporting, and requires exacting and timely reports from HEPCO on an ongoing basis. We could not possibly meet or exceed our clients’ expectations without the support of KRS CPAs.

Our past experience with previous accounting firms has been one of an accountant-client relationship. When we began our relationship with founding partner Gerald Shanker at KRS in 1989, the relationship became a partnership in every sense. Jerry’s integrity and knowledge of the staffing industry continues to be a very important asset for our company’s growth and success. KRS’s service is outstanding and it is very rare for any question our financial staff encounters, not to be answered in less than one business day.

The monthly KRS newsletter invariable contains one or more articles that are clearly of value to HEPCO, and the firm works very hard at staying abreast of major issues such as the ACA. HEPCO operates in 22 States and with KRS’s help and advice, we recently successfully re-incorporated in Florida after carefully considering a number of alternatives with Jerry.

''If I had to describe HEPCO's relationship with KRS in a single word, I would use the word TRUST. We trust KRS's advice, we trust them to provide audits in each of the 20 plus States we operate in, we trust KRS to do its work on a timely and cost effective basis, and we are grateful for the partnership we have established together.''

– David B. du Pont, President & CEO, Hepco Inc., Saddlebrook, NJ