Resources for Foreign Companies in the U.S.

Foreign business in the U.S.

We often hear from foreign-owned companies who want to do business in the U.S.

That’s no surprise. The United States offers some of the best business opportunities in the world along with a productive workforce, excellent infrastructure, and appropriate legal protections.

The U.S. economy benefits as well: Foreign companies with U.S. operations invested a record $348 billion in 2015 and employed 6.1 million U.S. workers. They produced $360 billion in goods for export, according to the Commerce Department.

But opening a business in the U.S. as a foreigner can be complex. The U.S. tax code alone runs to over 17,000 pages and non-U.S. companies must abide by U.S. accounting rules as well as international operating and reporting standards.

That’s where KRS comes in. We help foreign businesses get established and successfully navigate U.S. accounting and tax requirements. We take the time to learn their goals and objectives, as well as their company culture, and as a result can also offer key insights to enhance their performance and position them for success.

More help for foreign owned companies

Non-U.S. companies interested in starting up stateside can check out the free resources on our website specifically written for them, starting with those found on our International Business page. Additional resources on various tax and accounting topics can be found on our Insights page and our blogs.