Managing Partner Maria Rollins Interviewed on Wise [email protected] Podcast

Maria Rollins interviewed on Wise Women@Work podcastManaging partner Maria Rollins was a guest on the Wise [email protected] podcast, hosted by Felicia Garland of Krietzberg Wealth Management.

She shared with Felicia how she chose accounting as a career and then started KRS CPAs with her partners about 15 years ago. “We built the firm focused on relationships – those with clients, staff, and centers of influence – and we’ve been going strong ever since,” noted Maria.

Maria discussed the hurdles the firm faced, including starting up during an economic slowdown and the challenges of managing firm growth. “It’s rewarding to look back on those early days and see where we’ve come from,” she said.

A culture focused on clients

The KRS culture is something Maria and her partners have consciously built. “We communicate the culture, the shared vision, to our staff and get everyone involved at every level. They all know what their roles are. We’re very transparent and entire staff plays a big part in how we onboard and service clients.”

Maria also talked about how she uses her passion for public speaking to educate her clients. The idea of “educating the customer” guides her not only in her speaking engagements, but in her day-to-day client work as well.

With a forward-thinking approach to life, Maria shared with Felicia her keys to success, expands on what work-life balance means, and offers advice to young women starting out. She also pointed out the importance of networking to growth. She said, “If your firm isn’t growing, you’re shrinking.”

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About Wise [email protected]

Wise [email protected] is a podcast featuring successful, professional women and their stories and insights. As host Felicia Garland says, “There is always something we as women can learn from each other and that’s what Wise [email protected] is all about.”