KRS Partner Jerry Shanker Hits the Links for Nothing Is Impossible Fundraiser

Jerry Shanker golfing
From left to right: Andy Dietz, Mark Kluger, Jerry Shanker, and Alvin Dietz golfing at the Nothing Is Impossible fundraiser.

It was a day for laughs and good-natured ribbing as KRS partner Jerry Shanker took to the fairway with clients Alvin and Andy Dietz, and Mark Kluger, longtime colleague and partner at Kluger Healey LLC.

The occasion was the 12th Annual Golf Outing for the Nothing Is Impossible Foundation, held at the Ballyowen Golf Course, Hamburg, NJ.

Nothing is Impossible hosts several fundraising events throughout the year and is also funded, in part, by the McGivney and Kluger law firm.

The foundation’s mission is to provide temporary financial assistance to individuals and families following a catastrophic event, so they may be able to maintain their independence in the community. Over the past 18 years, NII has helped many individuals, families and other nonprofit organizations, giving over $560,000 in grants and assistance.

“It was great to be out supporting Nothing Is Impossible, although I can’t say we took the golf itself too seriously,” says Shanker. “What is it that someone once said? ‘Golf is so popular because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad.’”