KRS Hosts Author Robert Sher for C-Level Round Table Discussion

KRS-Hosts-Author-Robert-Sher-for-C-Level-Round-Table-DiscussionKRS recently hosted author and thought leader Robert Sher for an exclusive round table with several of our C-level clients. Sher discussed insights from his new book, Mighty Midsize Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers.

Midsize firms are the foundation of the American economy, and Sher’s firm has done a considerable amount of research into what makes some midsize firms succeed while others crash and burn. “I’ve read Sher’s work in Harvard Business Review and it’s very relevant to what we help our clients with today,” says KRS partner Jerry Shanker.

Sher spoke about why midsize firms are very different from both Fortune 500s and startups and how they can fall victim to these seven growth killers – sometimes without even realizing it:

  • KRS-Hosts-Author-Robert-Sher-for-C-Level-Round-Table-Discussion-2Letting time slip-slide away
  • Strategy tinkering at the top
  • Reckless attempts are growth
  • Fumbled strategic acquisitions
  • Operational meltdown
  • The liquidity crash
  • Tolerating dysfunctional Leaders


Sher’s insights were captured during the event on the KRS Twitter feed @KRSCPAS #MakeItMighty.

Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm that has worked with the executive teams at more than 80 U.S. companies to help them improve their leadership structure and thereby accelerate their growth. He writes frequently on, and about the challenges midsize companies face.