Join Us in Welcoming Thomas Farish!

One month into the new year and we welcome yet another new member to the KRS team!

Thomas FarishPlease join us in welcoming Thomas Farish! Here are a few words from Tom:

I am a Senior Tax Accountant and am involved in the preparation of income tax returns for business, individual, and fiduciary purposes.   I am also involved in the supervision and training of the staff to help them become better prepared to handle the challenges of the upcoming tax season.

This will be my twelfth tax season. I started in 2008 at 32 years old.  Prior to that, I was working in the banking industry during the mortgage boom. When everything collapsed, I went back to school to get my second degree in accounting.   This is the fifth firm I have worked for in those years, and have taken some additional knowledge with me from each of my prior firms.  Personally, I have been married to my wife Nicole for 16 years and have one son and a dog.  In July my son will become a teenager.

Though I’ve only been here for 2 weeks, I can see a different culture and personality.  The firm is also structured more proportionately than other firms I have worked for.  This allows people to collaborate on projects instead of getting bottlenecked.