Brad Kreinces offers insights to WPU Career Development Center Advisory Board

KRS partner Brad Kreinces at William Paterson UniversityBrad Kreinces, CPA, KRS partner, participated in the William Paterson University (WPU) Career Development Center Advisory Board meeting on Friday, May 12, 2017. This meeting focused on cultivating partnerships among the WPU Career Development Center, WPU faculty and potential employers.

The board explored and discussed opportunities for collaboration to better prepare and mentor WPU students, to enhance their success in securing internship positions with prospective employers. Brad was asked to share his insights and experience with recruiting and mentoring WPU accounting students, and more on point, how KRS works closely with the Career Development Center and WPU faculty and leadership.

Brad commented, “Employers are looking for the soft skills – oral and written communication, passion, work ethic, etc. Students benefit greatly from learning experiences outside of the classroom including professional development and networking workshops, campus organizations and clubs. Employers in the community can provide students with valuable real world insight in this regard.”

Board members shared their observations on the trends they are seeing as counselors, faculty and employers. One trend observed: 87% of intern and career candidates rely on LinkedIn to review prospective employers. In addition, Brad noted, “It’s never too early for students to network and seek internships and mentors.”