Tax Planning Guide for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Money saving tax tips for commercial and residential agents and brokers

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tax planning guide for real estate agents and brokers

If you're an licensed real estate agent or broker, it's wise to do some tax planning so that you're taking advantage of every available deduction.

Even though you likely work under a particular brokerage, if you are an agent or broker, you are generally treated as self-employed and therefore can deduct your business expenses from business income.

The tax tips in this guide can help you determine which expenses can be deducted - and more. You will learn:

  • The 25 most common business expenses you can deduct
  • Why keeping records can help you avoid audits
  • The rules for deducting auto expenses - and why it may be better to lease rather than buy a vehicle
  • The basics of estimated tax payments - and how to avoid tax penalties for underpayment
  • The critical facts about retirement plans - and how much you can contribute to each type of plan

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