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taxes and the affordable care act

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Although the Affordable Care Act was signed into law four years ago, many of the major reform provisions have only recently taken effect.

We get many questions from our clients who are business owners and executives about how these new health care laws will affect their companies. So we've put together the Taxes & the Affordable Care Act Guide to help clarify some aspects of the ACA that relate to tax planning and preparation.

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  • Important ACA provisions that apply to your business
  • Health care tax credits available to certain small businesses
  • Key terms to help you understand the applicable reform provisions
  • Tips for choosing a tax professional who can help you comply with health care reforms
  • And more…

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KRS is on top of things and responsive. They know our business – that's why they're our accountants and trusted advisors. Of course we'll turn to them for help with ACA.

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