New Fulton Fish Market Cooperative: Trusted Advisor for Growth

Fulton Fish Market Cooperative <br/>at Hunts Point, Inc.
Fulton Fish Market Cooperative at Hunts Point, Inc.

As market manager for the New Fulton Fish Market Cooperative at Hunts Point, Inc. since its establishment in 2005, George Maroulis oversees an operation that is the second largest seafood wholesale distribution center in the world, with millions of pounds of fish moving through its doors weekly and annual sales topping $1 billion.

Organizing the accounting system, providing accurate reporting to the government, and keeping all systems running efficiently are important factors in increasing sales in this state-of-the-art Bronx facility that replaced the seafood trading business originally known as the Fulton Fish Market in lower Manhattan.

That’s where Brad Kreinces, CPA, CGMA, founding partner of Kreinces Rollins & Shanker (KRS), Certified Public Accountants, proves to be a valuable asset to Maroulis and his team.

“Brad is a great accountant. I could ask for no one better,” said Maroulis. “He helped me build the business and organize the administration and accounting for this facility. Brad always gives us good advice and as we grow he provides us with excellent recommendations. He is very knowledgeable and is only a phone call away.”

As director of the KRS management consulting services division, Kreinces has more than 35 years of experience across a range of industries and business models. His background in wholesale markets was attractive to Maroulis, who spent six years managing the Hunts Point Produce Market before heading up the fish market. “I was aware of Brad when he was over at the produce market. He did books there and I got glowing remarks about him,” commented Maroulis.

“Brad has been a trusted advisor. He recommended a specific vendor and software that would be economical and help handle our operations. He gave me a recommendation for hiring my office manager who has been with me since the building opened in 2005. He also supplied us with the name of an IT consultant… and we’re moving through that without a hiccup, in the right direction,” Maroulis explained.

How would Maroulis say other firms compare to KRS? “The accounting part is the accounting part. The payoff with Brad is that he understands our industry, so I can use him as an advisor. Just knowing our industry and our needs, we can get to core issues quicker. And here with Brad I am working with a principal, and I get his experience and understanding.

“I highly value Brad and his staff. He has our back,” stated Maroulis.